Friday, February 12, 2010


Finally this evening, I'm able to conduct the sieve analysis and able to accumulate a few grams of retained sands. The particular size of the sands that can be taken is below than 200 micrometer and it still not enough. The sieve process will be continued after the Chinese New Year as I need more sands with such size to ensure my sand patch test to obtain the precise outcome.

Due to the current Chinese New Year celebration, I would like to wish Happy New Year and Xong Xi Fa Cai to all Chinese community and for those who are celebrating. Just want to remind some of my Chinese friends, don't forget to hand me some "angpau" yeah...:) That is the first red envelop that I'm keen to seek once I'm coincidentally meet you guys..:)

Until now, no signal is available for the water to flow back through the pipe and host. I've no idea where else to find the source as it becomes so limited now and unable to accommodate my daily lifestyle. Hope I could cope with this terrible situation for less than 24 hours as my homecoming is tomorrow morning...yahooooo!!!!!!