Thursday, February 11, 2010

Presentation no more within 2 weeks time :)

I don't understand why, when it comes to presentation, my tongue becomes numb. Everything that I want to say is suddenly disappear from my mind. I got blank yet I start to feel the confident level has developed in me :)

Finally we had through the presentation part without any problem. There were so many questions arising and we manage to entertain all of it. Before this, during the Q&A session, there are limited for 3 questions only from the audience, but in my case it was suddenly switch to open question, no limited number. We have been fired with a quite number of killing questions and eventually, we manage to defend and answered.

Unfortunately, one of our members was not coming during the presentation. Lee's already come back to his home town due to the Chinese New Year. Even our performance today is not quite excellent. But Lee, you still missed the presentation mark.

Regarding the performance, we still in the average level, we still lack of skill utmost in term of the way we present and answer the question, all this must be done in diplomatic way, reflect to the audience with good manner and without hard emotion - the body gesture also need to be highly concerned.

Back to my group members, last time I have 6 members and since last Monday, I have added another one members due to her late registration. Because we are the only group that have 6 members while the rest have 7 or 8 members in their group and we have no option except to take her into our group. She is officially become our group member from now on. To Fatma, I just want to wish you welcome to our group and hope you will dedicate full cooperation to us.