Tuesday, February 23, 2010

updates - clear cut the confusion n farewell party

Maybe some of my friends are still astonished when I decided to go back to my home even I was homecoming just a few days back during the Chinese New year. So, I think it's the ideal time to clear cut this confusion. The motivations of me painstakingly to go back this time is because:
  1. To attend my friend's wedding. We are staying in the same village and same residential area. As I leave in a very peaceful and harmony neighborhood. So for not letting myself get involved in the event is just not right.
  2. To get my study and project go smooth along the process, it's crucial to have a guide line from the person who has a wide experienced in the field of Civil Engineering. So, I met my cousin for begging his specialty.
It seems that this institution is losing more capable lecturers and consequently, it looks pathetic and fragile.

Yesterday Evening, I wasn't run the sieve analysis instead I attended a farewell party for Mdm Afifa and Mdm Honey as both of them are leaving. This event was organized by my own classmates and it's not fancy at all yet it still happening. We don't have any special guests, only students from our class and a few lecturers were invited.

Last but not least, I want to thank both of the resigned-lecturer-to-be for being my lecturer. From my personal experience, both of you are the ones who have astounded me with your uniqueness, eccentricity and distinctive character

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