Thursday, February 25, 2010

Randomiesss - Every moment Counts

Even it was only 2 days I abandoned this blog due to disarrange activities, I have tons of points need to be shared here. Everything was stuffed in my head and just need to spill them out in just a few seconds ahead. Will try to summarize as short as possible :)

Location: McD Nilai
Time: Night (23/2/09) - Dawn (24/2/09)

McD - I used to not like this place before

Yesterday morning was a presentation day. So, the night before, I managed to do discussion with all my team members at McD - the only place where we can stay up for a long duration. We have to complete all the requirement tasks and things become worse after we didn't start anything yet. To make the situation even critical, we only have a couple of hours to get the task done. After we put a drastic brainstorming session, all works were eventually done just right at the dawn.

Location: Campus - Lecture Hall
Time: Morning (24/2/09)

It's clearly show that all my group members were not having sufficient sleep and rest after struggled to the death. All my members had the eye bags under their eyes and some students start to label us as Junkies/crumbs. My mind was blank and I can't think anything as my inner was floating to nowhere and to present my slide must be in chaotic way with flippantly speech. Yet, we were lucky after our turn was decided to be held by next week due to the limitation of time.

Location: Apartment
Time: Evening (24/2/09)

As I've been excepted from the presentation in the morning, nothing had took my attention apart from my bolster and mattress. From afternoon until the evening time, I dedicated my evening by sleeping until I lost an alert to my phone that was ringing for a quite number of times along the process. That was Syukri which was trying to reach me as Mr Dian insisted to do so. It seems Mr Dian starts to look after me regarding my research project that is clearly still not amend yet :(

Location: Seremban
Time: Night (24/2/09)

It was a sudden decision from us to have some night activities rather than being stuck in the boredom. So we moved to Seremban by Afiq's car that packed for 5 passengers. That night was full with excitement even I was still not in the mood for any sorts of entertainment. We took dine at Old Town and had a great shot for bowling. Just imagine after you conscious from a long sleep, your head still endure the dizziness, your body is suffering less energy and suddenly you force your entire body and flesh to all out. Don't you think that your life is so miserable?

Location: Concrete LAb
Time: Morning - Evening (today)

Mr Dian's class was officially announce to be canceled yesterday and no substitute lecturer has been assigned like before. I'm aware that the due date of submission for my final project is approaching quite fast. In just a blink of eyes, now I have less than 2 months to complete my thesis including conducting my Skid Resistance and Sand Patch test. So today, it is crucial to use all my lucrative leisure to get more retained sand as possible as I can. Finally, I could accumulate at least 4 kg of retained sand and to reach this total amount is something that I can proud of.

~~End of ramblings~~

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