Thursday, February 11, 2010

presentation - hope to do very well....

Last night, we continued our work at McD and it's exactly happen as we planned beforehand.

We bumped with some of our college-mates, already doing the farewell party for their resigned-lecturer. So, the place was quite crowded and it takes at least 30 minutes before they dismissed and clean the messy spot - That spot is quite comfortable to continue our uncompleted report . A few students from another College also were doing their revision and it didn't make thing any better.

After almost 6 hours being stuck in there, finally our report is completely done and credit to all my group members for the commitment and contribution that they have been shown. I can say that all distributed task is done in triumphantly.

The only thing that left is the presentation session, Can we make it????? In less than 1 hour, we'll figure out the answer.

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