Friday, February 12, 2010

legenda water crisis

The water crisis in my hostel has been distracting my daily routine. At this moment, I aware how much the water could influenced me as I need them almost in everything, mostly for cleaning and purified purposes.

Since this semester began, this is the first time I absent for Water class due to the water crisis this morning. No water available to take shower, or even to wash my face. If I still come to the class, surely I'll look sleepy and the worst part is smelly. Everyone will sneers on me. Don't you think it's quite embarrassing? Well, I still wonder from where they get the water as this water crisis is covered all the places around here.

This matter arisen since the past two days (apart from my block) as no water supply at my campus and so do at the food court. It's unpleasant once you go to the toilet and to wash your hand before and after you eat. And today, the crisis is finally effecting my block.

Anyway, this is not the first time for the water crisis to happen. I'm staying at this densely populated area almost for 5 years and this situation just happen once in a while or probably 2 times per year. Plus, the water crisis this time comes without any notification and it's very disappointing.

So, the total day of this crisis is almost 3 days now and I presume this matter will end by this evening. Otherwise, it's a very hard day to go through...