Wednesday, February 10, 2010

presentation - we have to work faster team!!!

Snap some pictures would kill some boring time

In the previous post, I mentioned that I'll have a presentation in 2 days time. Do you know the reason why I mention in "2 days time" even the presentation is actually begin today (10th FEB)?....

The reason is because, one of my group members has managed herself to not available today as she has one particular task need to be done in Nilai Road Stone. So, Mr Dian has given us a privilege option to present our task tomorrow.

Our report still not done yet even we were trying to complete everything this evening. There are some improvement regarding the data collection yet it still very slow in term of progression.

So we manage to continue tonight at the library and if the report remains uncompleted, we have to continue at somewhere else, probably in McD. The worst part is, the library is closed at 9.30 p.m and the time is very limited to get all tasks done. No matter what it takes, we have to complete the report tonight and prepare for the presentation tomorrow.

:::::::For those who are offended:::::::
hope you read this

I want to apologize to my classmates especially to all members of Global Unity team (that's what they call their company's name) as what has happened today. Sorry for all my wrongdoings and my overdo manner towards you guys. I didn't mean to offend or to make you feel upset - I never have intention to do that and I'm just joking around, please don't take it serious. You know me in person and the way I behave. Isn't it?

They are really crazy!!!!

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