Wednesday, February 10, 2010

presentation - gud luck to us!!!!


The next presentation will be held in just 2 days time but the preparation is not yet to be made. This is the second presentation as we move to the chapter two, out of 9 chapters. Meaning, we have to go through all 9 presentations almost in every weeks.

It looks very terrible if you view this situation in negative way, but if I view this from the opposite way, it benefits me more in the end.

  • It more like to practice session, it could make me more comfortable when performing my slides
  • It makes the confrontation between the presenter and the audience become much better
  • To increase the confident level and reduce the anxious feeling so that I'm not trembling along the presentation process
  • To improve my communication in English to become more fluent.
  • To fulfill the requirement of this subject - if I'm not take part in the presentation, no mark for me and to get first class level is just absurd.
To all my group members, I just want to remind you that we have to work harder from now on due to the date of presentation is approaching us quite fast. Prepare all your data based on the task that I've been distributed to you and we'll combine them to form a report.

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