Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's randomies

Sorry, this is the best picture of the lecturer that I could snap :)

So today I put myself back on the track as I came to the class in the morning. Apparently, some of the students especially from the Chinese community were not around. They still on their holiday even they know about the class will reopens today. It seems that they are illegally taken the extra days off for the Chinese New Year. Despite that, the class still kept bugging around, disheartening the innocent lecturer.

All my classmates have been informed that Mr Dian is still on his leave today. So I managed to come a little bit late - 10 or 15 minutes pass over10 o'clock. I was quite shocked once I step into the class as the lecture session had been started. I never expect for the lecturer to start the lesson very soon.

So, this substitute lecture took over the stage only for today class due to the Mr Dian absents. she is a very confident person, her English language is quite fluent and understandable, She has a good contact with the students and the lecture session went smoothly. As conclusion, she did quite well as she knows how to generate a good bond between a lecturer and students.

She's responsible to explain and deliver a clear definition of "contract". A subject that is not under the civil student's jurisdiction - it's under Quantity Surveying course I guess and today, we were learning a few terms that normally use in the construction field. Unfortunately, I didn't get it at all. Oh Come on! I'm not familiar with those terms anyways.

Evening - I continued my sieve analysis for sands with the size of 200 micrometer and below. I'm glad to say that I obtained a few grams more today. Will sieve and obtain more sands with such size tomorrow :)


nhz said...

owh... boleh pulak ko ambik pic curi ms... hahahaha.. by phone kew?


yup..sbb tu la x clear... sleepy la masa ni, tu yg snap mic dier..huhuh..