Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday - no much different

The beauty of sands

Today didn't bring much different compare with yesterday. I came to the class for the same subject and met the same substitute lecturer as Mr Dian still on his leave. The worst part is, I came quite late more than what I did yesterday. At the moment I leaped into the class, the time showed at 30 minutes pass over 10 o'clock. Actually, 30 minutes late can be considered as a serious discipline case :)

Today's lesson was quite boring and I just can't stop myself from sleepy. It's not because I wasn't have sufficient sleep time but it was the way the lecturer deliver her lecture. She presented to us a bunch of slides and elaborates them based on each slide that she had through. It's all about the theories and I've no interest with it. Yet, I'm still appreciating her effort in order to enforce her responsibility and mitigate our stupidity.

Evening, just like yesterday, I'm still working with sieve analysis thing and gain almost a kilo of retained sands. The process is not so complicated yet, it takes time to accumulate those sands to reach the required weight. Will working on it for a couple of rounds more

Don't ever think that I'm going to construct this by using my retained sands

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