Wednesday, May 13, 2009

when the pressure come....


I came for Geo class to absorb any possible input for the exam. This is the last class for Geo subject before the exam day and today, Mdm Vv declared for the class is over for this semester. I note down all the possible questions and I never think it would be helping me a lot during the exam. It's not so simple as I tough. She just gave us the wide range of subtopic and didn't mention the exact question. Most of the questions are not exactly the same with the exercise that we did earlier. I have to read and memorize more especially for the theoretical before I think I could make it during the exam day.


Hydro class also starts to emphasize the expected questions that will be appeared on the exam. Mdm Hema starts to deploy the all important data and hints so that we could able to answer all the questions and take the first class grade for the result once it come out later. Similarly with the Geo class, this is the last class for Hydro subject in this semester and no more class will be conducted after today, except with a few accepted reason or any changing is applied.

I sacrificed my evening sport in order to give my full attention on the Geo camp report. Still many things I have to do and the time is ticking really faster. So many things I have to catch up and have to work on it whenever I got a free time. Things are not getting any better when I face some problem with the raw data. We were not collecting a few data during the field work and this will make my report more complicated to accomplish. Right now, I stuck of nowhere in my own report.

Tomorrow is a test for Johnny's class and I need to recall back all the topics as he didn't mention any clue. In situation like this, to have any test is something not right and this start to make me piss off. Frankly speak, I start to feel the stress and it's annoying the hell out of me. FUCK!!!!

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