Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ibu, Man Utd dan F1

I would like to dedicate this first paragraph to wish "happy mother's day" to all mothers around the globe especially to my mum, Mdm Jahimah Binti Muhadi. There's nothing to compare with all your love and kindness you had pour over me while raising me up until I attain this age. Well, Do I know my mum better after we have been together since ages?
  1. She's good in nagging
  2. She's good in cooking
  3. She's good in baking
  4. She's good in teaching
  5. She's good in sewing
  6. She's good in discussing
  7. She's good in housekeeping
  8. She's good in managing the family
  9. She's a loving mother
  10. She's a caring mother
United is on fire nowadays after they are able to capitalize all games after their embarrassing defeat by Liverpool within a few weeks back. Like a new spirit is contaminating in the team, Once again, they were winning their game just now after defeating Manchester City by 2 goals. United just need to find another 4 points to let their dream comes true and dominating the EPL for the 3rd consecutive victory. Thing is getting better after they have a game in hands and absolutely have a big chance to collect more points in the next game. United closest rival, Liverpool keeps to give pressure on United and desperately to win the title for this season.

I watch F1 race day alternately with United's game as both sports were held almost in the same time. So, few conclusions I could conclude from Spain:
  1. Button has won the pole position and this is the 4th victories from 5th round in this season. He didn't do his best during the start and down to P2 after all drivers passed the 2nd corner. Then, he regain back his position and lead the race until the end.
  2. Barrichello ended the race in P2 behind his teammate and both drivers seized the maximum championship points for Brawn GP.
  3. The 3rd was Webber from RBR and he has shown a fantastic performance after start from the 5th before he placed himself in the podium position for RBR team.
  4. The young German, Vettel unable to regain his best position after trapped behind Ferrari and failed to overtake Massa after tailing the Ferrari for quite sometime. Just luck for this guy after Massa has to let him to go through in the last 3 laps.
  5. Massa had to save up his car's fuel in a few laps before the race ends as he didn't has a sufficient fuel. If he keeps pushing hard the car, he definitely unable to end the race as he runs out of gas. Meanwhile, Vettel and Alonso took the lucrative chance to overtake Massa and he down to P6 for that.
  6. BMW driver, Heidfeld was in the P7 after struggling and pushing hard as possible he can with his new car's modification especially in term of aero dynamic and no Kers system was installed.
  7. A disappointment from Kubica, Kovalainen and Raikkonen after these three potential drivers with the potential cars unable to gain any championship point.

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