Saturday, May 23, 2009

exam's over, yet, i'm not happy unless i got A's.....

3 days time has passed away in just a blink of eyes and I have been through the all 3 papers for my final exam for this semester. For 3 days in a row I have to limit my sleep time as minimum as possible and use the time available for revisions. I have to admit that sometimes, I wasted my time and went away to get myself enjoyed and throw all feelings far away even I know they'll come after me back. They'll set me free once the exam is over and the moment is coming now.

Geo paper was the worst among the three papers that I was sat for. I have to say that I didn't do well during the exam and I'll be grateful if the mark is exceeding than 50% after I was answering all questions in a flippant way. The lecturer does give the hints for the question, unfortunately the range of scope is too wide and she didn't simplify more. I don't ask for a spoon-feeding, but she supposed to understand our situation where we didn't learn Geo in a proper way. Anyway, I didn't put and point my finger to anyone and keep whining, yet, I should appreciate and be more a thankful person.

I was absolutely flying during answering the Eng math paper. Everything was inside my mind and all I have to do is just to spill out the idea in every pages of the answer script booklet. Special thanks and high appreciation should goes to Mr Johny as he always made our day easier.

My performance for hydro paper is just average as I able to answer the questions provided but not at all. Yet, in a few parts, I realize that I commit a few simple mistakes after I compared my answers with my fellow's friend once the exam is over. Some questions, I didn't have any idea to jot down on the answer script and for not letting the space empty, I'm nailed in based on my logical thinking. Such a frustrated feeling when I have to sacrifice so many things and finally I didn't get what I wish. Did I expect too much or beyond the possible?

I can't wait to know the results and meanwhile, I feel a little bit nervous in counting down the day for the results to come out. I don't want to take any supplementary exam in August instead I'm looking for flying colors this time.

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