Saturday, May 2, 2009

Geo Camp - absolutely delighted!!!

Rompin gives so many memories and excitement to me and all of my colleagues in this trip. Yet, there were some parts we couldn't enjoy ourselves due to the terrible circumstances especially the field work session where we have to stand stupidly under the sweltering sun. Fortunately, after we sacrifice the minor part of our skin by exposed them directly to the sun, we finally obtain the required data and it's waiting to be processed afterward.

First day

  1. We assembled in the local hostel surveillance gateway at 6 a.m and the buses departed away to Rompin around 6.30 a.m after all participants able to get themselves in the assembling area.
  2. We got our Geo-camp t shirt just right before the bus departed. There's something wrong with the design. It's slightly different compare of what we had order initially. What a disappointment for everyone.
  3. After 5 hours in the bus, we finally reached over to the summer sets colonial and villas, which have been appointed as our accommodation for three days along the trip was taking place.
  4. Mr Dian distributed the room's key and every participant start to search their room with their partner. 2 persons in each room so that it would give us more spacious area and comfortable.
  5. We got our lunch meals and several of foods were available there. I just can't take all even my eyeballs were rolling extensively and my tummy was craving for every foods. unfortunately, all foods were not taste enough and it's way different of what I expected
  6. 2.45 p.m, we moved to the research site where there is a sand stone formation available. We start to set our boundaries and measure a few points early so that we could start the research by the next following days. The temperature was so damn hot.
  7. Evening, it's time for recreation activity and I believed, everyone was enjoying themselves at this moment.
  8. Night, we have dine and the foods were still remain un-tasted. Well, I still help myself to take some dishes as I paid for the meals. Just another disappointment.
  9. A moment later, it's time for discussion and each group was assigning the work to each member for tomorrow activity. Once it's done, everyone is free to do any activity and me, hang out with my friends to everywhere.
Second day
  1. Wake up early is a normal routine but its way different now where we were on a Geo camp trip. We took our breakfast and pack all necessary stuff for the field work activity.
  2. The morning sun is good and benefited for our skin as it's the natural sources of the Vitamin D. Yet, standing for quite long of time and expose the skin directly to the sun, it will change the benefit to the disaster like sunburn.
  3. Some of the students were unable to adapt this situation and most of them are from the International. The most embarrassing part is where the girls still can hold out longer than them.
  4. The sun was shining brightly and makes my both eyeballs like to protruding out from the orbit. Thanks for the glasses for made my day.
  5. The lunch time was coming and most of the groups were finished earlier than mine. So, they took the meal first while my group was struggling to finish our task and against the sweltering sun at the same time.
  6. This time, the meals were really delicious compare to the meals provide by the summer sets. This time, the fundamental of the meal is from the traditional dishes. No wonder it very tasty especially for the huge prawns. I love prawns.
  7. After lunch until the evening, most of the students manage to take their body rest and sleeping is the best way for total body restoration.
  8. Evening, once again, the recreation activity is the best part for this trip. I'm not the one who misses it.
  9. We have our dine later on that moment and proceed to the discussion at 9 p.m. discussion a little bit pandemonium as everyone tried to spill down many sorts of ideas and obviously it was different from each of us.
  10. Finally, we compromised to the final decision in every particular issue. It was late night and everyone is free to continue their activity.
Third day
  1. As everyone was informed, today is the last day and we will leave Rompin today at 11 a.m in the morning.
  2. Nothing much we can do in the final day here, we have our breakfast for three hours time starting from 7 a.m until 10 a.m in the morning. I took my foods around 8 a.m with the best friends of mine.
  3. Once everyone get their tummy full with foods, we went to the sports center there where we were killing the free time almost an hour with playing badminton and table tennis. I played both of the games and love both.
  4. Time was running out and we have to stop as we were seeing the bus is ready to leave Rompin.
  5. I packed all stuff and get my bag pack ready. I was rechecking again for any miss seeing stuff before I evacuated my room and went to lobby when everything is clear.
  6. So, Mr Dian was in charge for the keys and I passed the key to him. For those people who were given back the keys to Mr Dian, they were allowed to have a seat in the bus.
  7. The busses departed away at 11 something in the morning and reach over to the college area around 3 something. I'm reckoning the journey is pretty quick as the time was ticking quite faster.
  8. A few students still managed themselves for homecoming and continue their mundane affair even their body is so weak. Still, they stay on with their decision.
The enjoying moment was over, it's time for the reports and assignments which has been waiting to get completed. So many works are waiting and the exam week is getting closer. Nothing could make the pressure a little bit lesser when facing this circumstances. Ya ALLAH, please grant me the thick of consistency so that I could make it through. AMIN!!!

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