Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hari selasa - tiada pengisian

Nothing much I could share on this entry and everything is remaining the same like yesterday. Still on the same routine where I was spending my time by came to the classes and learns something. I do have a cit cat with friends, teasing, bullying, making some noise and any other stuff that a normal students love to do. Most of the part is just to kill our leisure and nothing to do with revision.

Morning class was a Geo subject and like yesterday, Mdm Vv still takeover our class from Mr Dian. The situation will be continuing for a couple days in order to give a briefing about the expected question which is probably shows up on the exam's paper. So, we start to cover a few questions and a few more are still coming and will be discussed by tomorrow class. I suspect that theoretical questions will be asked as well and it will be the toughest part compare with the calculation. If I could make a choice, calculation will be the first one rather than the theoretical question. Clearly, in calculation, we just have to memorize the formula. Once we able to do that, it will lead us to the answers and its way easier than the theoretical question.

I was wasting so much time in the evening as the lecturer started to mark our assignment during the class was in progressed. So, everyone was free to do anything while waiting for their assignment to be marked. I got the first class grade and I could say that I'm quite satisfied after deserving this grade.

Back to report *sigh*

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