Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bola sepak!!! (assignment nyer citer, aku post esok)

I'm going to describe a few things in this entry and it will be utterly the football. A football mathematical equation is none the less. Drama, more drama and more drama makes the football looks so beautiful.

I woke up early in this morning just want to catch up with Chelsea against Barcelona. Once I opened up my eyes, the game was already started and I missed almost 70 minutes of the match and all I can do is just enjoying myself for the next 20 minutes before the referee blew up the whistle to end up the game. I was literally sleepy and manage myself to sit so that I won't fall asleep again. It was really work on me.

Well, Chelsea was leading the game in front of their fans in Stamford Bridge after Essien scored the goal in 8th minute of the game. They failed to increase the goal and desperately to find the second goals so that their dream more alive. Every decisive strike is unable to defeat Barcelona defender and a few handball appeals from Chelsea weren’t entertained by the referee.

The situation became worst for Barca after Abidail was sending off and Chelsea failed to capitalize their chances due to Barcelona's handicap. Chelsea players were furious with the referee’s poor decision-making apart from the harsh sending off Abidail. While the stoppage time was approaching to the ends, Barcelona still attacked the Chelsea's goal for the very last attempt and it was fruity when Essien turned himself from a hero to zero after failing to clear the ball away and allowed Iniesta to drill in the ball back into the net for a spot in Rome.

The dream dies for Chelsea due to the Iniesta's strike in and suddenly they desperately need the second goal to make them return in the final and against United in Rome. Lampard was delaying every previous corner kicks and suddenly he rushed to have it with the different objective. The match is over and what a despair moment for Chelsea fan after Iniesta has broken the Chelsea's dream. The tears were out from the broken heart of the Chelsea fans.

Drogba kept provoking the referee after the match and he was shown the yellow. Chelsea lost on away goals after a 1-1 result at Stamford Bridge. John Terry won’t be able to avenge the defeat against Manchester United in the final last season and it won’t be another all-English in Rome.

Engineering Math will be submitted tomorrow and hope everything will be fine. Hopefully, The perfect report will be released out by tomorrow after I through the hard day today :(

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