Thursday, May 14, 2009

I missed the test and Geo report yg susah giler

I came late for Eng. Math today and Sir Johny was not allowed me to take part for the test. I came around 9 o'clock in the morning whenever the class was started at 8 and the test was in progressed. I entered through the front door without turned my eyes towards his face even he was sitting a few seconds away. Suddenly, I heard his voice out to deliver something over me but I just can't hear clearly as I'm still drowsing at that moment. I stepped out from the hall immediately without saying any and leave the hall by non respect way. Seriously, from the deep down in my heart, I felt guilty for that.

On the way back, I gave a phone call to a few friends and tried to reach them but no feedback available as they put their phone on silent mode. Surely, it was an order from Sir Johnny in the first place before the test took place and I'm not going to blame any individuals here. They just did their part perfectly. I just want to confirm a few words from Johny as I didn't get the picture of what he said just now. That's the point why do I have to call them.

When I failed to reach anyone, I gave a call on Johny's phone and luckily, he picked up the phone call. I uttered out my apologies to him in a good manner and asked his forgiveness due to my attitude. Then, he asked me to meet him after the class and said "no problem" as replied. Somehow, I felt a little bit relief when he still wants to converse with me even in just a few seconds time.

After 2 hours waiting, finally the class is over and I decide to meet him immediately. This time, he became so friendly to me apart from his fierce face before and didn't mind of what I have done earlier. I signed my attendance and joined my friends in the food court. Yet, I still have 1 more test for Eng math in tomorrow class and surely I'm not going to do the same mistake again.

I proceed my report by doing the contour today but it's seems pointless after I couldn't understand the procedure and methods that should be applied. I need someone who can guide me and get the entire task done. Later, I'll keep in contact with a few people and associate with them. Hopefully, they are able to help me out and get rid all this problem.

United is on the right lane to win the league title this season after defeating Wigan early in the dawn today. Just 1 point remain before they are officially announced as the champion. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!!!


bloodytiramisu said...

haha your lecturer is very, dun ever dare to call the lecturer for 2nd chance. when it's decided then it's decided. XD


i just want to clear cut something here..he's not a very kind lecturer at all...he loves to watch his students live in suffer. he burdens us with so many exercises even he knows we already have assignments and exams to go through. yet, sometimes, he could contribute something important to us.

we are closed actually, that's why i called him without think it twice.

apa pun, i should be grateful in everything I get..