Friday, May 8, 2009

As I pledge yesterday :Eng. Math assignment:

First of all, this would be the long nagging, the long babling and a very long mumbling.

Yesterday was the busiest day for me and I believe for every single person in my class could feel the same thing. Today, we have to submit our Eng. Math after almost 3 months the assignment brief was released out and I'm going to reveal something even this would be embarrassing me. During the 3 months of time period, I never ever read the content inside the brief or even the intention to touch the brief was never came across in my head.

Since Wednesday, I manage to join a few friends of mine and stick together in order to find the solution for each task. Each person was assigned to solve a different question and we planned to combine together the whole tasks and come out with the complete assignment afterward. Too good to be true if we able to solve every task in just one attempt and things became absurd when I was not interested to move my listless fingers to work with the pen, papers and calculator. I tend to sit idle and disrupting their work with my stupid attitude. Well, I'm reckoning it just a good sort of diversion for them to release away some frustrated feeling when they unable to find the answers.

Mathematically, I only have time less than 48 hours before the assignment submission take place. Realize with the situation, I was working faster and rushing to find some tasks which are still remain unsolved. Thursday class was canceled and it was a good inception for me to work with the assignment and copy down some steps of calculation on the A4 surface is only the best thing I could do in that morning. Since the morning, I drag the work until the evening and everything went so well. However, few task still unable to solve and those tasks surely annoying the hell out of me. Some friends came with supports and impetus me to keep going ahead.

Brainstorming makes my eyes very tired and the whole body were not working in their top-notch. So, I take a short nap to address this unwanted circumstances even it took more than 3 hours time. well, this is not a nap or even to call this as a quick break is surely not relevant and out of mind. Some tasks are required a theory or facts from the internet sources and it so difficult to find especially in term of mathematics equations and explanations. I was searching in any related websites before I stumbled into some web page that I think it has a very helpful contents.

I proceed in doing my assignment until the next following morning which is on Friday. I felt asleep around 5 a.m and woke up at 10 a.m after i get my tummy full in the dawn. All word documents were ready to printed out and Hafis has made the day easier. He bought the second hand printer since the past few days and I took a chance from it. All printed papers were ready to compile to form a complete assignment. Everything looks pretty well even there were some hindrance and obstacles that I have to go through no matter what and the mission is finally accomplished.

I passed up the assignment in the evening during the Eng. Math class and I was late for 30 minutes. Johny gives a weird sort of revision and meanwhile, I was freaking out as my head didn't rest enough. Later on that moment, he returned back our Excel report and asked us to give some comments on the section where applicable before he took the assignment back. I took a chance to check my grade and it is 70 points and surely I got a first class grade. It's not a proper grade actually and supposes it should be lesser than the first grade. I'm very grateful and thankful after Johny is willing to give me that mark even I'm not eligible to have it. Once the class is over, it is a clear sign for me to feel the freedom and stay away from any variable of books for a while before Geo Camp report come into my way.

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