Monday, May 11, 2009

revision class and Geo camp report

This is a study week for bachelor students and it has started today where Geo class is the first class to take place for the enforcement. Mr Dian decides to replace his position to Mdm Vv to conduct our Geo class for some objectives and motives. We already know that Mdm Vv is a right person as he has so many experineces in marking the exam paper. So, Mdm Vv highlighted the questions that will be asked in the upcoming exam and a few tips and hints were deployed.

We don't have any idea for some questions which has given from Mdm Vv as we never learn a few particular topics before. Our former lecturer used to skip a few parts that he thinks he's not good on it and we are the victims from his stupid egos. Indeed, we have to start from the basic and fundamental again to cover back of what we had missed and lack.

I start to do my Geo-Camp report just now and everything looks fine yet the progress is flowing so slowly. The collected data is ready to process but the spirit to push me by doing that is still not coming. Maybe I need a little bit pressure so that I could work on it like a hell afterward. Any sorts of guidance are welcomed.

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