Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my hands were full within the past 3 days

I was abandoning this blog for three days in a row and put all my attention on Geo Camp reports. My hands were full within these three days in plotting the Outcrop and the Contour map for the proposed area. From the overall report, Contour map is pretty tough as my group didn't have a sufficient data and we have to assume by ourselves for every missed points. In total, we had been working for almost 2 days before we could find the breakthrough. So, no more Geo assignment after this and I was submitting the report in this evening after sweating out since yesterday. I missed my evening sport; I missed my night sleep and also my meals. Indeed, it's a valuable sacrifice that had been made.

United finds the end point of EPL league in this season after grabbing the trophy for the third consecutive victories. With just 1 point is remaining and their draw result with arsenal, it's enough to declare for United to retain the trophy in Old Trafford.

I gave a favor to Mdm Afifah last time in her house at Palma with contribute some energy and combine with others. Some friends were joining me and the task need to be done is so simple and easy, yet, it was required a sufficient energy and our energy is significantly needed. Some friends were preparing the refreshment for us and everything looks nice when everyone understood their part. I could say that I was enjoying this moment.

I went to swim for a couple of times in this week and it such a good way to forget everything especially when the assignments are coming and after me. Swimming could make my mind and soul more tranquil and such a good riddance for the pressure. I just can wait to have another go and plan to state this as my routine in my daily activity.

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