Wednesday, May 6, 2009

assignment ibarat patah tumbuh hilang berganti

The alarm clock went off at 2.45 a.m and woke me up to watch whatever was remaining of the Man Utd versus Arsenal in the second leg of semifinal match. I was reluctant to watch at first as I was still dreaming but the moment the screen was switched on and Man Utd was leading by two easy goals in the early game has change everything especially for my eyes where they were slowly woke up. A wonderful effort by Park Ji Sung gave Man Utd the lead before the sensational player, C. Ronaldo is completely destroy the Wenger's dream through his magnificent free kick. Almunia unable to made the save and 2 away goals in 3 minutes time has make the goal's aggregate wider.

I was nearly fell asleep again until C. Ronaldo scored his 2nd goal for the match in the 61st minute of the game. Later on that moment, Giggs was coming in and it's good to see the LEGEND who is responsible for Man Utd to lift up so many trophies in the previous season is back in action. Carrick get his runs out and he looks good in midfield position as all passing ball ended up at United's player. On top of that, I could say all fergie's strategies were done perfectly as he wished.

In order to complete my hydro assignment, I've to sacrifice my morning class once again and deadly struggle to finish a few parts such as the conclusions, the pages sequences and any miscellaneous things which are influencing the grade later once it's marked on. Even everything was ready since the night, I was still procrastinating those parts and let it be undone until the pressure was coming and force me to settle up everything. Finally, all sheets were printed out and bind them together as a notebook before I passed it up around 2.30 p.m.

I came late about an hour past 2 p.m for Mr Dian class this evening due to the completion process of Hydro assignment. Today, he didn't teach us anything yet he was discussing about our 1st assignment that was submitted around 2 months ago. One of the foremost issues is about the improper grade that was given by our former lecturer. According to Mr Dian, all grades given by Dr Rasool is not make sense and the way Dr Rasool marked our assignment is not based on the real answer's scheme. Mr Dian got it right when almost 58 students able to get First class grade even the report is not complete and still lack of many things. So, we have to take back our assignment and re-amendment a few parts to achieve the grade that we already have now. If we failed to make it, the mark will be downgrade based on the existing data and to get the first class grade is just a dream.

Eng Math starts to burden me with so many crappy tasks and I can feel the submission date is approaching quite faster (*sigh*)

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