Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday went away so soon

I went to Seremban with some friends of mine and moved away from the college promptly at 10 p.m. We just want to have a little bit of excitement and have fun as we able to submit an assignment in the evening. Actually, this is something like a celebration to symbolize our success after we get the job done. So we decide to go for karaoke in somewhere.

I'm rare to spend my time for karaoke, but now this thing is suddenly grab my interest. Even I know my voice is not quite good to sing and everyone will suffer an ear sore, I was still in the line and sang a few songs with the highest pitch. No one is there to judge me and I sang until I'm suffering a throat sore today. yet, I'm becoming so addictive on it and can't wait to have another go. Would anyone out there like to invite me?.

Nothing much I can do today as I woke up at 1 p.m and watching some programs telecasted with my face was unwashed and my teeth stays un-brushed. When my tummy felt empty and craving for foods in order to sustain my life, I took my lunch and let my stomach to full with it. A few moments later, I was sleepy and felt asleep again. well, I just want to clear something here, I'm not lazy nor I'm becoming one even sometimes, I tent to let my throat thirsty and don't want to lift up my lazy ass to the freeze even it just a few seconds away. So, the lesser you know about me, the better:) please don't judge me (mind you!)

I watched F1 qualifying when the twilight took place. As usual, I will come out with a few conclusions which are from my own perspective.
  1. Raikonen unable to put himself in the top 10 drivers. his performance is quite sucks as he unable to make himself through to the Q2
  2. Hamilton still unable to get the proper rhythm after unable to occupy the top 10 position for tomorrow grand prix.
  3. Button from Brown GP occupied the pole position after his last flying lap able to defeat Vettel's time.
  4. Initially, Vettel seems has a big chance to be in the forefront grid before Button made his flying lap in the last round. Even, Vettel looks a little bit much aggressive then any driver on the track.
  5. Massa has made the 4th place for tomorrow GP and this is the biggest achievement from Ferrari.
  6. Both BMW drivers still not improve anything even the paper says, BMW has made a few changes towards their aero dynamic especially on their rear and front wing.

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