Monday, May 4, 2009

Bring me the motivation please!!!

Today is Monday, a normal day where all people have to start their work back and manage to lift up their lazy ass away from home, except for those who works from home. Even the housewives have to implement the same thing for cleaning and tidying up their residency and get ready to serve the family. Well, this is clearly not relevant to the title instead this is just an introduction and a little bit warm up for my brain to spill out the ideas in the next paragraph.

Afiq was suggesting me to come out with formal apparel and connect his idea to me via SMS which is delivered to my phone mail box at 7. 13 a.m. Initially, my expression was a little bit confuse towards the plan, yet with sorts of convincing encouragement from my inner, it switched to another side and I was agreed to keep this on from the morning class until the evening classes. Furthermore, it has been a while that I didn't put my formal outfit on.

Come out with the formal appearance is quite rare for me and this is slightly different from the previous Monday as I tend to wear the casual outfit. Once again all eyes were staring and it was the limelight moment for us. Some people was wondering and asked, why do we have to wear something like this while their face sneering over us. Some people do reckon about to have an interview. Literally, we just want to wear it, so, we just wear it. It's nothing to do with interview or pressure from anyone. Everything is clear now pal?

All 3 unsolved questions finally find the breakthrough after invented from the wise people of my course mates. After the brainstorming session and associating myself with the wise students, a few fundamental steps able to fruity and it's continuity to the final answer. As usual, I'm the one who brings the very tiny quantity of contribution. From now on, I have to work more often so that the report is able to submit before the date line. (Ironically, I'm still blogging here)

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