Monday, May 25, 2009

senior's final project presentation...

I was spending my whole morning and went to catch up my senior's final project presentation. This is the first batch from UEL Degree program that will end up their study after two years being struggled in chasing after their bachelor. Well, I'm not going to miss this as I'll face the same thing in the next year and to explore any significant experiences is really necessary. Don't you think that this is the good inception for me?

This presentation is all about a research design that you have to explore by yourself and come out with the result. Basically, you have to emphasize more on the data analysis rather than any chapter. Each student will be given a different title and topic related to our field (CIVIL ENGINEERING) so that the possibility of plagiarism or anything related to the forbidden technique such as copy and paste trends or fully quoted style from anyone or sources along the research is under processed can be prevented.

The toughest part is during the presentation where students need to know clearly what is the project is all about and able to enrich every single point they have stated in the slide. Once the panels come out with the crappy questions or even sometimes a little bit out of the topic, students must know how to answer clearly and avoid in saying something erroneous should be highly concerned. More error you made, more unexpected questions will come over you. Your supervisor that you have snuggled with and laid your devotion on him as well could be your great enemy and condemn you more than any panels. At that time, you'll become a freaking mad and blur according to the situations that you never expect to come.

Just morning, I could see the panels were asking the "killing questions" to measure how wide the knowledge that the particular students able to get in order to complete their project. Even the questions seems to drop down your grade and performance, it's actually to develop your skill and shining it before you start your career. Sometime, the candidates were not have chances to defend themselves as the panels are always intersect whenever the students start to open their mouth.

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