Friday, May 15, 2009

test's over and full attention goes to Geo reports

I woke up around 9 o'clock in the morning and once I opened up my eyes, the first thing that I'm looking for is my Eng. Math notes. I used to study a few topics yesterday and skipped a few parts but unfortunately I couldn't sit for the test. Yet, I don't think it such a waste and vain as I got another test today.

As I mention in the previous entry, I had a test for Eng. Math subject in the evening. This time I came early just to ensure myself for not to repeat the same mistake again like yesterday. I did it well and still have a few minutes time before Johnny announced for the test is about to start. So, I took the last chance to check and memorize a few complicated formulas before answering all the questions. Well, I didn't do well in the test as I skipped a few questions and answer the rest. I aware of my own performance is just average and I have to do more exercise later but it sounds hopeless.

Every single person in my class is concerning for the Geo-camp report as the submission date is around the corner. I didn't do much for my report as I always rely on my friends when Im in need of some instant knowledge. They were never disappointing me. I went through every piece of their works and notes in an attempt to pick a few points and ended up in my own paper. I arduously to get the data by myself and I'm looked so pathetic for that. Right now, I have to produce the Outcrop from the data available.

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