Sunday, May 24, 2009

1st day of my semester's break...

I started my day time in a little bit late today as I woke up at 10 a.m even I slept quite early in the night before. Today is the first day for my semester's break and it's continued for the 3 months ahead. Yet, I didn't decide to put anything up for myself in my new daily routine and truthfully, I couldn't see the starting point from any angle. I do plan to have a part time job or two due to the long semester's break, unfortunately, the global economic matters are causing the limitation of many position in any sector and industries. Thus, no more job vacancies are available for me to take part. It's not easy to find a job nowadays and most of the employers are looking for permanent employees.

A few things I did today as a first step to adapt myself with this new life style where I'm free from everything especially from books and anything related to the education stuffs. Those things make my life misery and I need to rush in every movement I made. It was killing me gradually.
  1. I washed my dirty clothes
  2. I formatted my hard disk as it was full with many sorts of viruses. No anti-virus was installed since a few months back and no wonder it was full with the damn files corrupter agent.
  3. I played Takraw at somewhere in Nilai and it such a precious experience for me. It has been a long time that I didn't play with a bunch of skillful people and all of them are damn spectacular.
  4. I watched F1 race day which is telecasted live from Monte Carlo, Monaco. Such a brilliant performance from Brawn GP team after both of their drivers were able to dominate the P1 and P2 position once again. Ferrari has started to show out their actual performance but is still not enough to beat the Brawn GP team as they were occupied the P3 and P4. I'm sick of BMW performance in this track. Literally, it is such an embarrassing results from the BMW team.

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