Sunday, May 3, 2009

Geo - camp mode, please go away..shuss..shuss...

I got back myself from Rompin since the past 2 days and within these two days, my brain is still under the Geo - camp mode. I don't know where the wrong part is and what has gone wrong until I lost almost my spirit and determination to commit my daily routine.

So today, I didn't even touch my assignment brief or put some effort to search any data from any websites available. Surely, all the data are purposely to attach and directly as a complement inside the reports afterward. However, I've no intention for that and I prefer to choose floating myself to nowhere.

Nothing much I did for the day long and what had I done is just watching movies, folded nicely my washed clothes, get my growling tummy full during the brunch time, lunch hour and dine time, watching football match, sit in front of the TV's screen for Top Gear program and linked it from a program to another where has caught my interest. That all for today activity and how bored my life nowadays.


(my day today was really worst, hope it would be a little bit much better when tomorrow is arrived)

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