Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't you just hate when...part 004

Since I still stick up with the same title apart from the numbers of series, I'm pleased to come out with another series of unsettle issue from the previous entry. You are likely not recommended to scroll down your page as I believe everything that written in the next paragraph could stand on its own feet. It's able to deliver the clear subtle message of what I've considered as negative consequences due to "changes/transformations/switches".

I used to get familiar with my college's area and its surrounding. I had been there for more than 5 years since I stepped on the ground for the first time in early year 2005. After completing my diploma in year 2008, I decided to undergo my degree program in the same year, under the same institution and territory. Thus, it's required me to extend another 2 years time to complete my degree program. The completion date was in the mid year of this year.

Now, it comes toward the raised matter...

Since this college is surrounded with many shops and premises, I know very well which particular shop I need to go to if I need to buy something which is rare or not available or hard to find in common shop. Certain quarters, they valued your money with their high standard quality to meet your satisfaction and desire. "Valued for money" becomes their mark in business.

After became one of the populations there, I could tell which shops offered low price than any other shop for the similar stuff, which shop would give you their best regard, which shop will treat you like their friend and not to forget which shop offered the best quality in return for your decent payment.

Don't you just hate when...

When I've done with the sub-topics of the monthly safety report, now it comes for the binding process to take place. It's not a hard task, not even complicated yet it's requiring some time to get it done. I need to print out a few word documents, printed out a few pictures, make a few copy of the whole report and get it properly attached with nicely fold with plastic cover at the top and bottom portion.

When I was undergoing my studies, I know which shop could give these kinds of services at decent price as I used to submit my every single assignment. Practically, this report has no different at all despite the content is not so much similar, yet the way how the report looks alike is likely same.

Once I moved to Balakong, everything has changed. Obviously, this territory is pretty big compare with the small town called Mantin. There are a lot of premises and shop lots running their daily business solely to sustain their long lasting descent besides to create an active economic growth.

Become a new comer is not easy. I felt awkward with this new dimension. I need to walk slowly along the facade and staring those signboards which is advertising their type of business until I spotted the shop which provides the service that I'm looking for. However, it's not just like that easy. Sometime, certain shops have printer but they don't have photocopy machine and vice versa.

It's hard to find a shop which could get my report done in just a go and give me less errands. There's a lot of stationeries here but they just not proper equipped especially with printer and photocopy machine. But now, after two months time, I could overcome the matter very well. Now I know where to find the stationeries which could cater with my needs. Yet I still hate to spend my time and stupidly waste my precious effort just want to roam and seek the stationery. Argh! (Sigh)


nhz said...

balakong ko area mana?.. penah sampai area Mahkota Cheras (Balakong baru) or JJ Mahkota Cheras (Jusco Baru).. ?


sorry friend, i never know such place do exist ...hahaha