Tuesday, December 14, 2010

G.I pipe relocation had failed...Part 001

Last Saturday, there was an accident happened at my workplace and this is the first since I've been appointed as safety and health officer in here. This is the moment where my expertise and responsibility play big role. It happened at one of the office building at government administrative center, parcel B Putrajaya. The unwanted accident happened at 11.25 a.m.

Accident scene

Those who are familiar with this center, the accident occur at behind block 1 and opposite the auditorium. This accident is resulted from misconduct work by the manpower that was in charge. It is considered as human error as all safety aspects have been monitored.

G.I Pipe

The task is to relocate a 5 meter G.I pipe/steel pipe from level 5 to level 3 by using a string. Thing went wrong when the manpower fails to do the work according to the safety guideline as he tied the string at the middle portion of the G.I pipe and force the pipe loosed its balance.

As a result, the pipe was swinging hardly from left to right and loosed contact towards the string's grip. Subsequently, the particular pipe was directly felt down from level 5 to ground level and struck the glass window. The impact has causing a built - in -tinted glass had perished in the process. Luckily no one was wounded and fatality free.

Referring to the suggested technique of handling that kind of task, two strings should be used and convincingly tied at both end of the G.I. pipe and two manpower need to engage to control each string. Unfortunately, the manpower failed to follow the procedure due to lost focus or negligence upon the safety conduct in order to run less errands.

The manpower can't be solely blamed, the supervisor as well should concern and take responsible over the matter. The supervisor is believed careless in doing his job as he didn't pay attention and monitor the worker properly. I used to urge about his careless yet he refuted the allegation.

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