Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why on Saturday, why not on Sunday? (Wedding Cik Nora)

This is the best part of the wedding. It was an absolutely sensational performance!

Last Saturday was my relative wedding reception. The bride is my aunt actually and also the fact that it is the exact reason for my homecoming in the first place - to attend my aunt's wedding reception. I'm wondering about a few things which have bewildering my head, frowning my forehead and shrugging my shoulder.

Okay, I have nothing to comment regarding the color scheme they had chose, the total wedding invitation cards they had distributed, the wedding concepts they showed whether contemporary or anything else, the way they run the wedding arrangement and miscellaneous things.

Well-deserved photo since it was a standing-ovation from the crowd

The event was held on 18th December 2010 which is on Saturday. It's obviously uncommon when they pick the date where basically people tend to choose the weekend (Sunday) as priority for such event. Furthermore, as everyone knows, Sunday is a public holiday and most of the guests are free to come to cherish the invitation.

The wedding event took place on 18th December 2010 which is Saturday. The date will turn to 25 December 2010 in a week later and it falls in the similar day (Saturday). To more specific, it's a Christmas day. Then why the duo (bride and the groom) didn't pick that particular date to enshrine their precious moment. I bet it would be more memorable moment for them. I believe so.

Unless they have their own particular reason by doing so, then I got nothing to do to against their decision - making.

(This image has uploaded without permission from any party)

Last but not least, I want to express out and offer my congratulation for the duo (the bride and the groom) for their wedding. Here is wishing each new day finds your heart closer. your lives fuller, your love deeper. Congratulation once again on your new life together :)

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