Friday, December 31, 2010

A "YEAY" On The Government Thanksgiving

Well, we have been given a sudden public holiday on Friday which was announced and approved by the government in conjunction with the victory over the Suzuki Cup. This is the recent impact after Malaysia enabled to trash all the title rivals and this latest impact is hitting at the right moment :)

Just visualize this, Friday is a public holiday due to the government generosity of its meaningful thanksgiving after Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup, Saturday is a public holiday in conjunction with the new year of 2011 and Sunday, it's clearly a weekend. By having these three days in a row period is just a perfect year end's bonus. It's a real big bonus and very convenience for everyone, indeed.

All Malaysians are adamant to appear and step forward for giving their full support and cheering up all the sportsman and sportswoman's endeavor if the relevant parties or ministry department knows how to pay back all the painstaking motivation all Malaysians had shown. By giving public holiday is one good way of incentive so that the people would know the government still concern and look up on their contribution.

I realize by giving a one day off this Friday to the public could give effect to certain quarters and appear as irregularity, especially the one who is in the realm of entrepreneurship and the one who hires many local manpower. It could seriously damage the growth of profit's graph due to the loss of productivity.

In the mean time, those employees are absolutely ecstasy towards the news. Even they are not working, their wedges is absurd to be reduced since it is the government order. Anyway, I hope everyone is happy with the public holiday this Friday to celebrate and look forward to the new year. Wish the country could win many more in this particular arena so that more sudden public holiday could be announced to symbolize the government appreciation :)

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