Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysian team won the trophy but actually they are not

It's a well relief once the final whistle of the second-leg of the Suzuki Cup final was blown, alerted the match was over as particular and the tournament meet the end as a whole. The question of whether Malaysian football team to win the title as the history in the making or otherwise has finally answered.

I'm seriously proud to be Malaysian now. Indeed. Well it is a party time for all Malaysian fans to celebrate along with the winning trophy after waiting patiently for such a long period (14 years of waiting I guess). We as Malaysian have every right to be in jubilation while the young Malaysian side deserves high credential upon their performances.

I'm not the one to be a football pundit, yet I just can't help myself to share my opinion and thought from what I had observed. To tell the truth, it was a disappointment somehow after Malaysia team was unable to keep the winning streak. Plus, the lost happen whenever Malaysian player played more to defensive and play safe while the opponent played the attacking strategy. It was a one way traffic game!

Okay, Malaysia team won the trophy but actually they are not. Get real folks! Hey, you should aware that they were beaten just now by Indonesia team with 1 - 2 defeat. Notwithstanding Malaysia team won in the first-leg of the final, it doesn't enough to show Malaysia team has take total control of their bitter rival, Indonesia.

They (Malaysia team) win the trophy after the aggregate goals were tallied with 4 - 2 victory. Thanks with the high scores back in Bukit Jalil Stadium. I describe this glory is just a pretty much luck! Vigorous training should be lunched so that Malaysian football team could improve more with convincing performance in the near future.

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