Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't you just hate when...part 003

During my studying years last time, I used to have a lot of assignments, basically given by lecturers which are respected to their subjects. I never found myself in trouble of ensuring those assignments to be completed based on the right sequent of the sub-topics - apart from my endeavor to find the answer is slightly discounted in this issue.

Everything looks easy at that time as I know where to find notes, who should I refer once I couldn't understand certain tasks and which generous friends I could copy down their answer without any sneered face.

But now, everything has changed. I couldn't feel the same convenience moment which I have experienced last time. All I could see now is a new hard life at the top of my head, waiting to be relinquished out.

It has been two months now that I've served Astea Innobiz Ventures Consultancy Services as their Safety & Health officer. I've learned a lot of things since the first day I entered the doorstep of site office in government administrative center, Putrajaya.

Reminiscing the awkward moment back there when I need to produce monthly safety report regarding the GFRC rectification work which was actively under progressed, I was bewildering whenever I went through all the documents. No one was there to guide me as no one concern about my confusion I had faced.

Well, I can't blame them for that as they were not the persons who are in-charged. The person who is responsible to show me the proper guide was officially resigned just before I get started. Meaning to say, I have no chance to confront and talk with him regarding the subject matter, not even to see his face! So, there's only one way left as they don't give me any option - I have to learn all by myself.

Back to the report, it has a quite number of sub-topic such as report progress, machinery used, workers name's list, fatalities/minor/major/serious injuries issues and many more. All these sub-topics have to be attached together in order to form a complete safety report. At certain month, the pages reached out between 50 to 60 pages. It's obviously thicker than most of my assignments during my studying years.

At my first attempt to form the report, I was fully lost and dumbfounded. I don't know what to do as no one was willing to appear and help me. I can conclude that moment was the hardest part for me so far since I work under this consultant. I need to enforce everything all by myself without any consistent help from others.

Even after I was befriended with the supervisors and engineers so that I could use them as my springboard to gain some favor, yet it seems doesn't work accordingly. At particular things, they are very resourceful while in the certain part, they give nothing, not even the subtle message.

But now, after I was successful in sailing through the hard time a month ago, I could say that I face no serious problem anymore in producing that particular report. Every page is just a piece of cake. There's nothing I should worry about. I've cover all sub-topics in order to cater all requirements from JKR, JRM, PJH and PERKESO as well. Even they noticed the lacks, I could revise them in less a day :)

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