Saturday, December 11, 2010

mishap and mischief (the extension version)

The picture above visualizes how our main electricity circuit board was constructed by the developer. This is the place where the thief is believed to pull out the fuse from the socket. As I try to be in the designer shoes, the first thing across in mind is - no one will try to steal the fuse. It is priceless anyway if they tend to sell it.

Well, clearly it's a good typical Malaysian point of view, would the bad typical Malaysian think on the similar way? Do you think those people who overwhelm by malicious emotion will think similarly as the good people do think? Well, I concern about this matter and would not prefer to stay out of the business.

Now it comes for another issue where this circuit board is not frequently maintain in efficient manner. The circuit board could be reached by hands as the fence is not proper enough for securing purpose. In safety contexts, it could harm and endanger the residents, it's likely the various potential of hazardous could be possible to happen and jeopardized people. The safety is not very convincing as the fence sometime remains unlock!

Just imagine whenever the children come to touch the wrong portion of the board, where the electricity carry high voltage and strike them, surely they will be dead on the spot or admitted to the intensive care unit as their heart beat comes to halt. Plus, when the rain comes down and the water splashes towards the board, don't you think it will spur the spark or short circuit upon the electricity power supply.

If less fortunate, it may cause terrible explosion which could take the maximum death toll. Maybe I sound too exaggerated, yet the preventive measure to against mishaps and mischief still need to undertake. The developer should take high concern about this matter and improve the safety aspects in order to prolong and preserve the prosperity and tranquility for the future generation.

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