Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysian national team is on fire!

First of all, I want to offer my congratulation over the Malaysian national football team after be able to beat Indonesian national team in the first-leg of the Suzuki Cup final with very convincing win recently. Netted three stunning goals over the closest rival Indonesia is not an easy task. Obviously, praises over them were skyrocketed nowadays.

It takes courage and high determination and 100% focus is needed in the pitch to pave such glory. I hope Malaysia could stay calm and focus for the second-leg of the Suzuki Cup final which will be held at away pitch (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta) to keep the winning habit and the winning streak.

Mathematically, Malaysian national team is still 90 minutes away from the trophies and it's enough to make me concern about their next match in Indonesia side. I'm afraid they unintentionally conceded three goals which bring them level in term of aggregate.

Even they have quite an advantage and chance to snatch the title after scoring quite number of goals without conceded any (clean sheet) in Malaysia, the atmosphere in Indonesia will be much different in term of the support from their fans which is believed even more fanatics.

The Indonesian supporters would be the true super villain upon Malaysian footballer. I'm afraid they will be petrified upon the constant pressure and indirectly pandemonium their playing rhythm. Well, whatever it is, I still have faith in Malaysian national team to bring home the Suzuki Cup trophies and mark the new history by ending up the trophy for the first time.

Last time, I was on relaxed setting and was watching Malaysian footballer against Indonesian national team, broadcast live on TV1 from Bukit Jalil Stadium after I was unable to afford a ticket due to the time constraint.

But I'm still satisfied as long as I could watch the way they played. Well, I'm not the one to boast about my love for Malaysian national team but I got quite an ear full when Malaysia was beaten by Indonesian national team in curtain raiser of the tournament last time.

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