Wednesday, December 15, 2010

G.I pipe relocation had failed...Part 002

After the incident, I went down to ground level where the G.I pipe landed. I investigated if there is another affect due to the falling impact. I brought along the camera so that I could record some related photos of any defect for proof purpose.

Existing broken glass

Based on my observation, I noticed an existing broken glass, just under the build - in - tinted glass we had broke. The place is cordoned by barricade tape as well and a piece of paper was glued on the tape. A shot message has written on the both portion. The message tells "Awas, Kaca Pecah!" with intent to deliver a subtle message to public.

With no hesitancy, I could tell that someone had broken the glass first before we struck the second hit on the other glass. I was surprised at first but when I think further the way the accident happen, I'm sure that we have nothing to do with the existing broken glass.

Broken build - in - tinted glass

Unfortunately, the situation would become complicated once we report to the JRM maintenance office. Surely they allege that we are solely the source of both broken glass as they link the existing broken glass with our case. Yet it still can be corrected if someone wants to step forward and clear the allegation.

Accident area has been cordoned by barricade tape.

Fortunately it happened on Saturday where all government staffs are off from their duty. I bet no one knows about the incident accept all of us and the construction crews. My superior asks me to do a stand - by report in case someone do issue to the incumbent party.

As long as no one open their mouth and no complaint from any parties, this problem will remain top secret for the sake of the company's reputation. I know this perception is clearly wrong, but this is inevitable once you step in working life.

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