Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real-Life-Scene in Bus Terminal

After the days were tallied, it has been almost a month that I haven't back to my hometown and visit my whole family. So last Friday (17/12/2010), I went back to my hometown (Batu Pahat) along with my cousin.

I bought the tickets a week before (Saturday, December 11) at Bus Terminal, Bukit Jalil. If you aware, during that time, JomHeboh! event ran their program just nearby the station. This place was crowded with visitors and traffic congestion is just inevitable. Luckily I took my bike to ensure my mission's accomplished without so many errands (being stuck in traffic congestion)

As I agreed to meet my cousin as we picked the bus platform as rendezvous, I waited him since I was the first to show up. The bus was there but the door was yet to be opened. A few moments of waiting, the bus driver opened the door and allowed the passengers to get inside. At that moment, my cousin still didn't show up.

I decided to go in first without my cousin at my side. The intention was to book our favorite seats first before somebody else do. Normally, we prefer to seat at the forefront, specifically behind the driver so that I could see the clear front view from that spot. At first, the intention seemed to be fine but it won't stay for quite long.

After a certain moment, there was coming my cousin, and at the same time there was a lady just right in front of him. Once the lady confirmed her ticket with the bus driver, She came and seated next to me, just right on the place where I have booked for my cousin initially. I clarified about the matter but she claimed the seat temporarily belong to her by referring her ticket.

In order to cease the misunderstood from dragging even further, I let the girl took the place. So, my cousin was seated a few rows behind me. Since he had no complaints, it should be no problem for me and the girl either. I bet it was her first time traveled with an express bus!

Those who are rarely travel with an express bus, this is valued advice for you: Once you are solely take an express bus as transport to go anywhere, you could pick any seat randomly as you wish.

It's a free seating actually. Please do not refer to your ticket, it just a paper of evidence that you have paid the ticket's fee. The number on the ticket is just to make sure they don't exceed or outnumber the passenger's limit.

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