Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mishap and mischief

Last Sunday was a massive disaster (should I used word "terrible" instead "disaster") It was freaking hot since our electricity power had cut off. At first, I thought TNB had cut it down due to the unsettle bills, yet my housemate convinced me all utility bills have been paid

I thought the whole neighborhood had faced the same matter, but it seems impossible after I noticed certain houses still could switch on their light. I could tell through the friction of light which had brightened their house. It happened during evening time, around 5.40 pm just right before I went out for evening sports.

I don't expect any unwanted or misfortune thing as I thought the power had been disabled by TNB technical support due to conduct their yearly maintenance. Once I back, the problem hadn't remedied yet. It seems my expectation faded down into the drain.

It's not only my house got infected, there were another 3 houses were likely face the same matter. Thus, everyone assembled outside and wondering the cause of the matter. Someone suggested to check the main fuse in the downstairs (This is a flat, so our main fuse is located at the same corner regardless the level we are staying)

We stared at the same spot and found out that the fuse had loss due to a theft. Then, we issued this to our security, asking them about their responsibility and effectiveness of securing system they have applied in this neighborhood.

One of the security could identify the suspect and was seeing that guy on the scene, but unable to take action on that moment. A frustrated person was directly claim by saying publicly, "this security guard is useless as he let the suspect went free. Then, what is the purpose of us hiring you?". Unleash the anger by shouting "dumbass". (I've converted the original statement from bahasa to english)

Subsequently, the guard tried to describe the suspect by telling the physical look of the thief. One of the obvious marks that he could recall was the thief hand has tattooed. My housemate knew the crook and able to recognize the suspect. The crook is his country mate. According to him, they were fought due to misunderstanding of certain issue. It is believed about their past.

The time was over the twilight and my housemate eager to find the suspect. I didn't want to get involved over the hassle, so I tend to be a bystander, waiting the solution from the sideline. It is believed the motive of the thief trying to make trouble just want to avenge my housemate as this is not the first time that guy seek trouble and fault. Plus, the fuse is worth less than Rm 10 if he intended to sell it. It is definitely doesn't make sense. The fuse is inexpensive!

An hour later, the suspect had finally caught up. Then my friend brought him over the security for identifying purpose. In the rendezvous, the guard had changed his statement which linked to freedom of the suspect. Not to forget, his action had provoked certain person. The further action was taken by lodging a police report. That night, I slept inconvenience due to the heat up.

Next following morning, the home owner came to the house, hoping to seek the solution by get rid the fundamental matter. He brought the new fuse to replace the stolen one. Once the fuse is connected, the electricity power is back. Everything is back to normal. The home owner claimed the price of the fuse is almost Rm 100 but others revealed it was just Rm 10.

WTF! What is the point by telling us such lie? Does he thinks by telling the lie, the thief would stop disturb us? The crime undergone by notorious person, likely a junky and nobody has stop button to cease or curb their crime and vandalism. Since now, I never heard the follow up news, I bet the thief is still outside, think freely to launch the next step of revenge assault.

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