Monday, December 20, 2010

Takraw is What I play best, so...

(Low quality images were taken from my humble Motorola V3i Phone)

Last week (Sunday 12/12/2010), I had participated in Takraw tourney which was held at Paroi, Negeri Sembilan. It was my old schoolmate idea since we never played together and haven't met for 5 years.

Over the years, he improves very well in Takraw as he takes "Tekong" for his best position. There were 24 teams and we were divided in 8 groups. Each group contains 3 teams. In the preliminary stage, all games were not very challenging and we had succeeded to leap to the next stage, the relegation stage.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go further in the tourney after we were trashed. We were beaten with embarrassing score as we had conceded too many easy points to the very skillful rivals. Okay, that's how our journey in this tournament ends up.

Now it comes to the registration fees. To ensure we are able to be one of the contenders in this tourney, normally we were required to pay certain amount of money. The total registration fee is Rm 300 per team. I presume it is pretty expensive for those who come from rural area.

It's nothing wrong about that and I could understand why the registration fee is needed. It might be to buy trophies, medals, consolation prizes, pay certain amount of commissions over the crews and not to forget - gain profit for certain incumbent parties.

Lucky for us, we hadn't paid any single cent since all fees were settled by NSSDC (Negeri Sembilan Skills Development Center). Meaning to say, we were under NSSDC umbrella and all we need to do is just to play for the sake of NSSDC organization.

Okay, this is the deal. In case we win the title, we could take home those prizes and cash but in return, we need to enshrine the glory in the name of NSSDC organization. Do you clear?

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