Monday, August 3, 2009

48th - cuti

I didn't come to work today due to the weaknesses condition of my entire body, the source is probably come from a 2 days trip to Perak and consequently, I felt so week since early in the morning even I was still could be able to wake up once my alarm rang out loud.

Yet I still have a spirit and decided to put some energy as a little effort to kick my ass to stand. Unfortunately, It just a waste once I remembered that all my uniforms were dirty as I left them unwashed since a past few days in order to travel to Perak. Quite despair a little bit Then, I decide to continue my sleep.

9 o'clock in the morning, an annoying sound came over from my phone. I could recognize of the ring tones and it was a calling from my office. Try to trace me and to ensure that I'm safe enough, asking me a concrete reason why I'm not coming to work today. I never know all these people love me a lot until they really want to know the roots of my reason. Well, I think it's such a nuisance.

In order to cover up the situation, one of my friends suggested me to take an emergency MC which, I could easily get from a particular clinic. At first, I'm not interested until I changed my intention in the late evening. So I went to the particular clinic and cheating the doctor once he asked about my illness.

I'm totally lost a big amount of cash as it was costing me around RM 30 ringgit for the medicine, just want to get a piece of precious paper that has written "medical certificate" on its surface. Well, what kind of sacrifice I did just now and it worth nothing. Surely I'll try to claim this on HR department especially for the cost of the medicines.

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