Wednesday, August 5, 2009

50th - bad moments..

This entry is the continuity of yesterday's post as I wasn't had enough time to share my daily live experiences. Back to the topic, yesterday was a very tiredness day and everything looked sucks. It started with the people over there where they can't give their full cooperation with us.

Once again we have to work under the sweltering sun and things didn't get any better after we need to brought and remove all 73 pieces of batteries from a pallet and put it in front of the 73 units of trucks.

I don't mind at all if those trucks were located in a short distance from the pallet but thing's that totally makes me screw up is, we need to walk almost 100 meters with a very heavy batteries are hanging on our both hands. Just imagine how much suffer we have to endure if we need to remove all 73 pieces of batteries.

It's hard for me to believe that in a big company like this, they don't provide any forklift for the guest's uses or at least to provide a small trolley for us is just good enough and we are very thankful. They do have forklifts yet they were stingy to lend one of it.

This time, the task is quite tough and complicated. And the worst part, it takes a long time to accomplish. They were strictly prohibited us to work until the twilight come over or exceeding the time. As a result, we have to rush in installing the batteries before the approved time. Luckily we make it on time and I don't want to talk about the quality. Just imagine how was the quality if you work under pressure circumstance?

I dumbfounded for a moment once I heard they asked us to park our vehicle outside of the factory's boundary and not allowed us to park inside. I've no idea what were they thinking and what is the purpose of all this. They think that we are going to steal one of their vehicle products or abduct one of their securities.? Such a bunch of small minded people. So, we had to walk almost 300 meters before we reached at the work place.

At night, I was suffering bruises all over my fingers, yet I still could jotting down something inside my blog, that what I was looking forward when the job of the battery's installation get done. Well, I'm in my room now, waiting for tomorrow morning. Sometime I wish for the time to tick slowly as I'm very lazy to start working tomorrow.

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