Tuesday, August 11, 2009

55th - new joints

Since yesterday, I realized that this company still desperate to find the manpower as many as possible to sustain and keep this company to reach its lofty goals - to supply batteries all over the world under the name of Yokohama Batteries, for sake of its profit.

There are 5 new manpower will be hired today and most of them will be located at the different department, respected on their skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, from those new manpower, no one is spared for QC department. Which is, this department is requiring the very high of labor to hold the quality control positions and vacancies.

I can't wait for someone to come and take my position as I'm assigned by my superior to be the temporary inspector at the motorcycle plant. My job and responsibilities in here will last whenever the new QC is promoted - agreed by the human resource management to approve this new inspector.

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