Saturday, August 1, 2009

travelling to Perak..part 002

From the stall we move straightforward to Ayap's at the very early in the dawn and the time was very late, around 3 o'clock in the morning. I felt guilty at the moment I knocked the door, disturbing someone while he was sleeping. But we don't have a choice and I don't want to sleep anywhere like homeless people even sometime we look so. We aren't junkies to sleep on the bus station or any public shelter indeed.

Ayap was welcoming us with his ugly eye bags, seems that he was sleeping for a long time yet still drowsy. The mattress was ready to have my tiredness body, I just bedridden and felt asleep once I put my head off the pillow, waiting for the sun to arise on the next day. We have a long journey to go through.

Next morning, almost 20 people were ready to go to Perak. The mission is quite same, to attend one of our friends's wedding reception in Taiping. From 20 persons, 12 of them are from Sentul itself and the rest are former students from LEG college. Even we are not from the same clan, yet we have met quite often before this in so many times. Therefore, we know each other even we are not so close.

Sentul were moving first and left us behind as we need to wait another person from Kuantan. At first, he decide for not to come until he switched his decision at the very last minute time. Consequently, we need to wait him to reach Sentul until afternoon. While waiting for him, we decide to find a special present to show our congratulations due to our friends towards his wedding. So, we accumulate a few bucks to find a big one.

The journey began just right at the afternoon. At 3 o'clock in the evening, we were finally reached over to the groom's house. The rain was falling down yet it was not so heavy, it was drizzling. Once again, we met up with those Sentuls clan and obviously, they were full enough and all of them in a lazy mode. We did a handshake with some of the people that we thought as the groom's family members or important people that have responsibility to ensure this event to succeed.

We were offered to have some dishes and drinks which is already served and waited to be eaten. We were starving to the death and without wasting time, I fed up everything until I burped out and alternately drinks a few gulps of water, just to make sure the digesting process went smooth through the intestine. Sometimes I almost mustered out as I stacked in too many foods.

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