Thursday, August 6, 2009

51st - it's never change...

After 7 days that full of joy and excitements, now I need to put myself back on the track, to become a very responsible, energetic, hardworking and aggressive employee. Take and face everything no matter what, let them to stimulate with my passion and painstaking in order to done any task.

Well, it just a starting point for today, which I thought that I could revive and regain back the spirit of "working" beforehand. Unfortunately, it won't take long as the situation has forced me to switch the vision to something way different. Something that makes me sleepy, hopeless, annoyed and look so stupid. The situation that I mean is I need to cling around at the Motorcycle Department again.

As everyone knows, I was in Pekan for the last two days and have spent my own money for my budget including foods and any other expanses. Now, it's time for me to claim back all the money that was invested during the business trip from the management. Hopefully, they would give extra bucks to show their highly appreciation due to my diligent services.

Based on my money track backs, I was spending around 20 ringgit per day including foods or any sorts of diversion activity, Meaning, I was spending at least 40 ringgit for two days in a row. According to my department's clerk, management would contribute 30 ringgit per day to whoever which is need to work outstation at least a day without consider the location, whether the distance is quite far or not.

If you spend extra money which is exceeding than 30 ringgit per day, management are not going to cover back those extra money and they still pay you the total amount which is already stated on the agreement sheets. No privilege for you even you are the manager and they never concern about the location that you need to attend. So, you should be wised in spending all the time no matter where you are.

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