Friday, August 7, 2009

52nd - Interested in table tennis


Well, I prefer for not jotting down anything like usually I did, which is most of the contents were probably related with my daily work. Nothing was stunning has happened, no extraordinary moment needs to share today, all I have is only to endure every bit of endless suffer that I'm facing very often almost in every day. Let's find something diversity apart from the working stuff...

Last Tuesdays, Tai Kwong advocated a table tennis tourney for all their workers. So, everyone could participate in this indoor tournament as long as they work under Tai Kwong properties including me. I'm the one who enrolled my name since the last two weeks when this tourney was advertised all over the factories. It's all free and the bills of all trophies or any sort of prizes are under company's financial management.

Once I enrolled my name in the registration sheets, I was eager to have at least a short training in order to improve my terrific skills. It has been a while that I didn't hold the table tennis's bad and I start my first step out with the training room. Here, the management provides a special room for training purpose and will let you to practice for how many hours you need depends on your endurance.

They only allow you to start your training at 6 p.m every day, which is after working hours and will be continued until the next 3 or 4 hours ahead. But, I just came once even some of them were practicing most in every day. The reasons are shown as follows:
  1. The distance between my home and the work place is around 20 Kilometers. It's far enough for me as I need to through the haunted area alone even it's not midnight yet. The route is extremely silence and very dark.
  2. It's not because I'm coward or no guts. The source of the problem is, I got problem with my sight. Some people do now how I'm struggling to see when the surrounding is very dark or too bright. Please don't mock me, mind you!
  3. After I finish my training on that day, I reached home around 30 minutes pass over 9 0'clock. Obviously, it's still early but I didn't think on that way. I grab my pillow, setting up my mattress and bed, felt asleep until the next following day without taking bath.
  4. During the practice session in the training room, I stood for no chance to get more point as all my services were replied with the opponent's crazy return. It's hard for me to find the starting point and the breakthrough of the ideal performance in this way, even some of them were trying to guide me. I burst out so much frustrated feeling on the way home. I was giving up.
Well, after I through all these moments, I tried to find a new way of solution. I was trying to ask all my colleagues or even their networking friend that they possibly have, whether they are interested with this indoor game or not. Unfortunately, it wasn't my day. It's hopeless when everyone gave me the same answers and those answers still can't satisfy me.

Thing was not getting any better when I need to go to Pekan for 2 days in a name of outstation for the sake of Tai Kwong dignity. I moved over there on Tuesday, the same day with the tournament took place and there's no chance for me to play. On top of that, even I still have a chance to play, I don't think I could make it through in the next stage. I'm surely will be kicked out during the preliminary stage. End of the long entry :)

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