Thursday, August 13, 2009

56th - construction begins

Yesterday, I was mentioning about the rumors regarding the new development made by this company. Initially, I thought the enforcement will be start within 3 or 4 days ahead but obviously, my expectation is completely wrong.

Once I enter the motorcycle plant, I saw a few unknown people with the "temporary pass" tag attached on the shirts, kind of busy with their work, to gauge the boundary and make as many as required with the tiny string crossing to each other. While some people were standing and talking altogether while observing their labor completing the gauge task.

I let them to settle up their work (well, it was a very bored view to see them, did a general fundamental process in construction and I thought it's better for me to leap away), even sometimes I start to dream about my future - would be the biggest part of successful team in construction and managing the most of the biggest project in the future.

My focus is back to the motorcycle plant - tried to mitigate the battery rejection.

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