Saturday, August 8, 2009

53rd - a letter to Tai Kwong group

To all members of Tai Kwong batteries industry:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, all of us have done the company proud as we have a splendid production record which is, we able to produce out more than 150,000 automotive batteries for the month of July. It's clearly shows that we have earned the right to walk tall, knowing that we can achieve what was unimaginable since the first time I become the new joint of this group.

Personally, it has filled me with pride, being able to tell others especially outsiders or even my regular blog readers that Tai Kwong Yokohama Batteries is not the "Chinaman company" that some sneered at. We now have a team of professionals that withstood the pressure and challenges that management has thrown at.

I know that some of us in particular have been directly or indirectly affected by verbal and written reprimands and I'm glad that it only made us stronger and more determined to prove ourselves.

It's very much more than the 150,000 target breaking that should be highlighted but the ability to accept change to improve, is really beyond my expectation. Keep it up guys!!! Although credit should not be taken away from the marvelous effort by the production team, but recognition must also be accorded to the unsung and often forgotten people behind the scene.

The maintenance people that ensured less breakdowns and all the support people like me, which is contributed also deserve a pat on our backs. A special mention to our beloved manufacturing executive, Mr Todd Lisborg for his excellent production - management. Well, a celebration is in order and frankly speak, I'm proud to be a part of all this achievement.

Kamarulzaman Bin Nordin...
Quality control inspector II.
Tai kwong Yokohama Bhd...

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