Tuesday, August 4, 2009

49th - currently in Pahang for 2nd time

First of all, I'm currently blogging from Pekan, Pahang once again, online-ing with someone lappy and surely I didn't have much time to hold it on my grasp as the owner needs to use for working purposes. Yesterday, someone was calling me and wanted me to get involved in this business trip. Well, now I can see that I'm becoming one of the company's important assets as they still put a trust on me even I wasn't come to work yesterday.

Lately, seems that my schedule for these two weeks was full with excitements stuff as I was traveling out away far from my common boundaries. Last week, I was in Pekan for a business trip and in the last two days, I was in Perak in order to attending my Friend's wedding reception.

Right now, I never expect that I was given a chance to escort a special force to go to Pekan for the second time within a week, with a special purpose and objective which is to install back the batteries into the DMAX pick-up trucks.

There are 73 pieces of batteries with the loading around 18 Kilos need to be installed on the provided case, inside the truck's engine. Last time, the task is quite easy as we just need to take it out from the truck's front hood but now, it's getting a little bit tougher than before as we need to lift it with 18 kilos of load stick along and locate it properly inside the case. It quite tough and a little bit complicated as we need to ensure no scratch even a single line during the process takes place.

Last time, the time estimation is only 2 minutes per battery and now the time need to be expanded more that 4 minutes time if no problem arise. This time, we have to install more than 4 bolts and make sure it's tight enough. That's the main thing why it's costing me so much time. And the time estimation could exceed more than 5 minutes time if we have to face any lame problem such as loosing the screw or the bolt is not in the right socket.

Got so many thing need to be described here, but I'm running out of time right now as the owner of this lappy is going to retain his belonging in a few second time. So, got you tomorrow...

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