Sunday, August 2, 2009

travelling to Perak..part 003

After a few hours time we were sitting on the chair and while having a chit chat with all members under the massive concise tent and shelter, The groom, which is my friend was introducing his wife to us. I just can't hear her name clearly and I've no intention to know more. I got nothing to do with her name I suspect but based on what I heard, she's an Indonesian. Not a common Indonesian that we could easily find as a maid or whatever, but she's an autocrat which is living with fancy stuff and luxury lifestyle.

It's time to move our ass away to the next location. We though that it was enough time to spend with our marriage friend and seems that his hands would be busy once all of us disappear from his ground yard. I'm sure he has to clean everything, clear up all rubbish, get rid and vanish all unnecessary stuff away from the eyesight that would ruin down the scenic ground yard.

So, once again we have to split into a few bunches of people, this time it's not two, but three groups which is, one group was heading to Penang, one group to Parit Buntar and the other one was headed down back to KL. I was in the group which is to Parit Buntar as we had a place to sleep and rest. It's a rented house that belongs to one of my friends. Luckily, no one is going to be a tenant of the house and it's so obvious that we had a chance to have a place to stay.

At night, we planned to roam all over the penang island. Franky speak, I couldn't find myself to enjoy the sea view as we traveled at the night, almost midnight actually. All I can see is only a black wall which is completely block my eyes. It was a little bit frustrated feeling actually as this is the first time ever I'm going to step over the Penang ground.

No many place we could hung up as the weather was on the raining mode. Once we satisfied on what we had through and experienced, we decide to went home and take a total rest before we headed back to KL. Before that, we were trying to trace the gang from Sentul but we failed. Too many obstacles need to face and one of them is, one of the car was lacking of fuel, forcing us to forgo our plan on that night.

After a long tighten sleep on the very comfortable mattress, the noon was coming, We get ourselves prepared for the way to back in KL. As usual, it took almost 4 hour time on the journey. Plus we had stopped at R&R in Sungai Perak. That was the last station we stopped and the next location is in Sentul. From sentul, once again Jang and I rode away from KL city to where we came from. Until Nilai's tol plaza, we split away to the next destination.

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