Wednesday, August 12, 2009

55th - new development

It seems that this company has accumulated such a bunch of money since the early of their establishment. I'm quite shock once my ear get full with the rumors of a new building will be designed and develop straightforward in the upcoming days.

From time to time, this company tries to expand as wide as possible their wings in order to fullfill the non-stop demand and directly accumulate the massive profit as a reward. Since the half decade ago, this company never stops in order to develop new factories, warehouses, building and so on in order to support and balance the demand, which is keep increasing from time to time.

Surely, this construction activity and development project would be attracting enough fro my eyes as I'm a person who is the next engineer to be in the next few years. The purposed site is just right in front of the motorcycle plant and there is no reason for me to not make an observation at any time when all construction works take place.

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